I was in Cairo

After months of waiting, convincing myself that I will go and get my manuscripts, I finally went to Cairo in the most terrible month: August as I was exactly imagining it. Yes it was a glorious week in August, very dusty and very very warm. But I did it, I got my two main manuscripts, … Continue reading I was in Cairo

Disciplinary intervention for a practice of ethnomusicology

Sound Matters: The SEM Blog

The statement below—signed voluntarily by practitioners of ethnomusicology in April 2017—builds on disciplinary concerns that music and sound scholars past and present have identified. It affirms the need to move beyond narrative debates and toward structural change in music institutions, toward enacting justice. The primary authors of this statement intend it to be a living document that cultivates discussion and stimulates proposals of concrete measures that can redress institutionalized inequities.

This statement has grown out of nearly a year and a half of discussion and writing. The authors intend it to generate conversation and action. Please sign using this form, providing your name and institution if you are comfortable doing so, or your initials or “Anonymous” with no institutional affiliation. To sign, you will need to scroll past all the previous names to enter yours as prompted. Signatory list will be updated daily. Response essays are welcome for consideration…

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