Some aspects of my person


2016-10-15 18.24.19

I am a “pluviophile” “winterphile” person, in love with Cyprus, I call it My Island. I live not far away from it, in a very difficult country with very difficult people. I am currently writing my thesis to get my Ph.D. I take care of my mother, she is my first best friend ever. My husband is my moon, he shows me the way in darkness, confusion, keeps me from falling apart, his love saved me many years ago when we met each other.

We have a bulbul bird, loulou who is spoiled by the whole family and he knows it! A very smart bird. I love to talk on this blog about general or special aspects of my life, problems or positive things happening, everything that comes up to my mind. I like to cook, invent recipes, I started working on a crochet a while ago because I always wanted to learn that.

I live in the mountains (this is a blessing) and try not to go crazy over my anxiety which makes me constantly worried about things that may never even happen. I controlled the extreme anxiety attacks that I used to have the last two years, by myself, I pulled myself out of that.

I discovered few years ago that I have healing powers (physical and psychological), I helped my husband heal from many things, my mother as well, I can also heal myself. I am very interested in widening my knowledge about herbs and natural medicine, I know a lot of stuff concerning essential oils and their healing property from reading and from experience. I also give great energetic massages. I love languages, I know already French, Arabic, English, German and I am currently learning Greek.

All this is a part of who I am.

I hope you will share also your experience with comments on this blog posts.

Wishing you good moments!